We specialize in creating cupcakes and cookies to compliment all events and occasions, especially birthdays, wedding and baby showers, and thank-you gifts. I will work with you to enhance your theme and can even customize cupcake or cookie stands.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ninjago Birthday Party Cupcakes- 11.25.11

Ninjago Cupcakes:  $2.50/cupcake

Winnie the Pooh and Friends Baby Shower- 11.18.11

Winnie the Pooh & Friends Cupcakes:  $2.50/cupcake
Mini Cupcakes w/Sprinkles:  $1.25/cupcake
Mini Cupcakes w/rattles, bibs & onesies:  $1.50/cupcake

Tiffany's Birthday Party- 11.5.11

Tiffany's Bow Cupcakes:  $2.25/cupcake
10" Square Tiffany's Box Cake:  $35/cake

Halloween Party- 10.19.11

Halloween Cupcakes:  $2.50/cupcake

Iron Man Birthday Party- 10.8.11

Iron Man Cupcakes:  $2.50/cupcake
"5" Cupcakes:  $2.25/cupcake
Cupcakes w/Sprinkles:  $2.00/cupcake

Wedding Shower Cupcakes- 9.15.11

Strawberry Cupcakes:  $2.00/cupcake w/no topper; $2.50/cupcake w/topper
Oreo Cupcakes:  $2.50/cupcake

Two Peas in a Pod Baby Shower- 7.31.11

Two Peas in a Pod Cupcakes:  $2.50/cupcake